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AKYPOI T-shirt finally released! As you noticed th previous T-shirt announced here was never made. Though we have a new one! Order it before Monday 17 Dec. Yeah! It's true! You can order AKYPOI T-shirts for just E7.50! The T-shirt is (of course) black with red AKYPOI logos on the front and the back and it's high quality despite it's low price! Available in all sizes. You may also order long sleeve... Standard "Fruit of the Loom" girly T-shirt is also available for the female AKYPOI fans but only in Medium size.

Contact us for more information...

Simiosi: To parapanw einai mono anaparastasi tou telikou prointos, to opoio 8a deixnei anwtero sigoura. Edw milame gia yfasma ypsilis poiotitas me diples rafes kai den simazeuetai!

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